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IP54 design for mounting directly on the vibrating machine


Devices in the REOVIB RTS series are available as housing designs with protection class IP54 for direct assembly to the application. The maximum output current is 6 A. Devices have mains voltage compensation with constant vibration amplitude, a relay output for status display, and an adjustable soft starting ramp time, and the has a fill level control/overflow controller (Devices with fill level control/overflow controllers include an overflow relay to link additional control devices).

The control devices are available in different versions:

  • Input cable/output cable
  • Input cable/output socket

Complete cable connection solution for mains, output and control connections
(For REOVIB RTS RS6/539-559).


  • Inexpensive phase angle controls with extended functionalities
  • IP54 version for direct mounting on the system
  • Output current up to 6 A.
  • Versions with level control / accumulation circuit available (REOVIB RTS RS6 / 539-559)
  • Mains voltage compensation with constant amplitude
  • adjustable soft start ramp time

Typical applications

Conveyor & assembly automation, conveyor technology, sieving technology

*For IP54