Sinusoidal filter CNW M 933

Three-phase sinusoidal filter


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Sinusoidal filter CNW M 933

Three-phase sinusoidal filter


Sinusoidal input current – save costs and trouble-free operation.

The mains chokes in fully encapsulated version are specially designed for rough environments and offer a very good mechanical protection of the component. The fully encapsulation allows design up to protection ratings IP 66.

For particularly long cable lengths of > 100m between inverter and motor the shielded cable for EMI suppression used can cause a capacitive coupling.

The sinusoidal filter is a low pass from inductance and capacitance and has a very low resonance frequency. So it is able to generate a largely sinusoidal current. The operation and the loss balance of the asynchronous motor behave like the normal mains operation. The typical motor noise with converter do not occur and a shielded cable to the motor can be dispensed. Losses and heating are greatly minimized and the leakage current will be reduced. Longer motor cable lengths are possible. The motor insulation is protected, thus increasing the service life.


  • Usable in rough environment
  • Optimal mechanical protection of the sinusoidal filter
  • Different fixings possibilities caused by 3 basic versions
  • Assembly of different options: cables, terminals, terminal box
  • Lower surface temperature
  • Protection class up to IP 66
  • Output voltage is sinusoidal
  • Switching edges are completely flattened
  • High attenuation of spurious emissions of lines
  • Effective against symmetrical interference
  • Motor cables possible to 1000m
  • Saving the shielded cable possible
  • Extended service life of electrical consumers
  • Reduction of engine noise
  • Low leakage currents on the motor
  • Easy construction
  • Production according to UL insulation system
  • E251513 possible

Typical applications

Drive systems for motor drives,Mechanical engineering,Elevators / escalators,Pipes,Conveyor technology,Ventilation and air conditioning,Robotics,Automation technology,Power supplies and Wind turbines

Technical Data

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